How it works

How does no help me find a trusted tradesperson?

Reason Behind Nocowboys

At Nocowboys we recognise the difficulty that members of the public have when engaging a tradesman. There is a fear that the person that they are allowing into their home may not be all that they may claim to be. There is a fear that costs may escalate from what may have been originally agreed and that sub-standard work might need to be rectified at a later stage which incurs additional costs. There is a fear that a tradesman may be difficult to locate if something goes wrong. This fear can be heightened where the member of the public belongs to a vulnerable sector of society (e.g an older person living alone).

At Nocowboys we carry out a vetting and verification procedure* that will afford you the confidence that there is traceability in respect of people invited into your home to carry out work. It is a bit like having a pre-owned car inspected prior to purchase. We cannot guarantee that everything will be OK but our vetting and verification procedure will reduce the likelihood of a cowboy getting across your doorstep.

Our Vetting and Verification procedures include carrying out checks on the following:

Proof of Identity

In order to prove and verify a tradesperson's identity, we meet them in person and take a copy of either their driver’s licence or passport.
We do not accept any other form of ID.


Proof of Address

For proof of address we only accept the following


  • Recent Household Utility Bill
  • Recent Bank Statement
  • Recent Revenue Document
  • Recent Insurance Documentation

Proof of Registration for Taxation

For proof of registration for taxation we require documentation from the Revenue Commissioners showing that a trademan is registered for taxation. Examples of these include a VAT 3 form, a C2 form, a P30 or other correspondence from the Revenue Commissioners showing evidence of registration for taxation.

Proof of Professional Qualifications

If a tradesman has a qualification from a recognised body we will check his qualification and check with the relevant body. We also confirm claimed membership of professioanl bodies and organisations.


Proof of Public Liability Insurance

We inspect the traders insurance policy and check that it is in date. A note of the expiration date is taken and we inspect again at the renewal date. 



We phone a minimum of three references in respect of work recently carried out.

Code of Conduct

All members of must accept and sign our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

  • To provide a professional, honest and reliable service from first engagement with the customer to the completion of agreed works.    
  • To provide a detailed quotation / contract to the customer before work is undertaken where deemed necessary. Any material changes to costs will be agreed with the customer.
  • To ensure you have sufficient public liability and employer’s liability insurance cover for the scope of work that is undertaken.
  • To endeavour to stick to times frames agreed and to inform the customer as soon as delays are foreseen.
  • To adhere to all health and safety regulations and guidelines that would be standard in for the service they are providing.
  • To ensure property /site is left in a clean and safe state and that any waste materials are disposed of in appropriate manner 
  • To agree a speedy date and time to return and correct any defects faults that have arisen after completion of work and to fulfil any guarantees that were offered
  • Breach of the above code of conduct could result in a No Cowboys member being delisted from the website. This would be after a formal review.



All Documents that we inspect must be original documents. We do not accept photocopies.